About Us

Believe it or not, a high school woodworking project is what started it all.  Almost 20 years or so ago I was challenged to design and build something out of oak.  At the time, my mother was in need of a new coffee table.  The result: a beautiful coffee table.  Here’s a photo of that same table almost 20 years later.

The Coffee Table that started it all!

The Coffee Table that started it all!

We still use this coffee table but I’m thinking about staining it to give it a fresh look (and to better match the décor of my home).

In addition to presenting a much needed present to my mother my fine craftsmanship was rewarded with an unexpected scholarship to attend the Construction Technology & Management program at UMass Amherst.

Since then, my experience has evolved from carpentry to design along with everything in between.  Click here to read and see more projects I worked on previously.