Cape Kitchen Remodel

This open kitchen was once a cramped, outdated space that was connected to the dining room by a small doorway as a result, the dining room was rarely used.  Today, the connected dining room is accessible to the kitchen.  Now, both rooms flow freely which is perfect for entertaining, just in time for the holidays.




Formerly, this cape, built in the 1950’s was made up of a lot of smaller rooms.  At the same time, the eat in kitchen was cramped and outdated.  Each year the homeowners host 30 to 40 people for Christmas but were finding it hard to entertain their growing family because of the separation between the kitchen and dining room which prevented flow between the two rooms.

Our plan was to join the kitchen with the dining room and remove an unnecessary hallway and transform this space into a large open space.  A kitchen island was dual purpose providing additional counter space as well as concealed cabinet storage.  One challenge we had to address  was that the original walls were dual purpose.  They not only created the  smaller rooms that we mentioned earlier but more importantly they were supporting the second story.  The only way to remove these walls was to engineer a supportive beam.

The Plan Before and After

kitchen plan.png


This contemporary kitchen remodel features our NEW cabinet line, Showplace Wood Products.  Below are a few photos of some of the specialty cabinets we used that help to organize storage  to maximize space.  You can see a spice drawer, deluxe blind corner and cutlery divider below.

Finishing touches included panel detail, crown molding and a new hardwood floor.