Hamilton Porch

This 1950’s cape’s main entry, a ground level deck was not only ascetically an eyesore for the homeowners but more importantly the family felt that it was a potential hazard.  Because this area was uncovered and the sun does not hit this part of the house directly, this area was typically wet and slippery, especially during the winter.

After examination of the decking, we also discovered that since the existing pressure treated deck was laid on the ground we needed to properly lift and install the decking, which would help with the moisture problem that was previously making it unsafe and slippery.  Unfortunately, the existing decking was not salvageable so we worked with the homeowners to choose a new material for the deck that would reflect their style and worked within their budget.

The newly constructed, Brazilian hardwood decking is now sheltered with a covered porch which and is now secured in place with proper footings.  The homeowners won’t need to worry about shoveling making it easier to juggle kids and groceries, they now have an easily accessible area to store firewood for their wood stove and are ready to decorate for the holidays!