3D Renderings

Computer renderings are a great way to visualize your new space/addition.  While dioramas in shoe boxes and samples of tiles and paint swatches are important for determining a general look an d feel, a rendering is a practical, scaled preview.

Here is an example of how an addition transforms a simple ranch.  The addition of a front porch and master suite adds character and gives this home a more sophisticated, detailed look by incorporating a craftsman style design.

Ranch Render Before

Ranch Render AfterA master suite is added under a second gambrel roof to add character to this house.  Not only is this rendering a helpful way to see how the addition can be better incorporated into a new design plan, it also helps to better utilize and maximize existing components.

Mansard  Render Before

Before Addition

Mansard Render After

After Addition

Ottinger FInal Render Front Left 11.23.2013

Front Render of addition to oldest house in Weston

Oettinger rear final render 11.23.2013

Rear Render of addition to oldest house in Weston