Burlington, MA Home Addition Permit Plans

For this design project, we worked with a general contractor and the home owners to finalize the concept and draw a set of permit plans.  The project included a master bath renovation, a kitchen and pantry bump out, a new rear deck, sunroom addition, 2 garage additions as well as a family room and master bedroom expansions.

The client, who was once a framer back in the days when plans were drawn by pencil and paper, had built on multiple additions over the years which not only gave this home character but also caused some potential structural concerns while adding on to.  In a previous renovation, the homeowner added vaulted ceilings in both the family room and bedrooms and today, an expansion of these rooms was desired as a part of the renovation. In our current project, we worked closely with a structural engineer to ensure structural integrity in those extended ceilings.

Rear Render

Proposed rear render of deck, kitchen/ pantry bump out and sunroom.

Interior Render

Interior render looking toward the kitchen from the family room.

Dollhouse 1

Dollhouse view, showing the flow of the kitchen, family, sunroom & deck.

Dollhouse 3

Dollhouse view of the 1st floor.

Interior Render from dinette

Visual looking from the kitchen peninsula to the family room.

Burlington Home Reno 1

Permit Plans

Burlington Home Reno 2

Burlington Home Reno 3

Burlington Home Reno 4

Burlington Home Reno 5

Burlington Home Reno 6

Burlington Home Reno 7

Burlington Home Reno 8Burlington Home Reno 9

Burlington Home Reno 10

Burlington Home Reno 11